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Met Koreo, het mailing platform van Kinamo, wordt het verzenden van e-mail marketing campagnes eenvoudiger dan ooit. Kies uit onze standaard responsive templates of maak uw eigen nieuwsbrief design, vanuit uw web browser! With Koreo, the mailing platform by Kinamo, sending email marketing campaigns will be a breeze! Choose one of our responsive templates or make your own design, all editable within your browser!

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Responsive templates

Sending marketing mails that look good on any device has never been easier. The Koreo mailinglist platform offers a free range of responsive templates, fully adjustable with a guaranteed nice representation on tablets, smartphones and desktop.

Drag & drop interface

With a simple drag & drop interface buidling your own template becomes a joy. Start with an empty canvas and use headings, blocks and images, or use one of our templates as a starting point.

Insight analytics

What is a campaign without statistics? When will recipients open your emails? Who reopens the campaign? How many users are on mobile platforms, who uses a desktop? All these and more relevant data will help you in improving and targetting your e-mail campaigns.


Personalised emails

Intelligent tags and custom profile fields allow you to personalize your mailings and address yourself to the recipient more directly.

Split recipients in groups so you always target the right audience and reduce unsubscribes.

Made for designers

The Koreo e-mail marketing platform is designer friendly.

Upload your own specific HTML template with your own design, or build a new template from scratch with our inventive drag & drop module.
An additional advantage: your customer can continue to work with the base template you created for him/her!

Scheduled campaign sending

Sometimes, sending a mailing at a specified time, day or after an event will give a better response.

Thanks to our scheduled send capability you can determine when your newsletter and campaign will be sent to your audience.

Easy data import and export

Koreo allows you to import data from your own CRM software as Microsoft Excel or CSV files.

Aside imports you can also extract data from the Kinamo Mailinglist for additional analysis in your CRM package.

Automatic bounce handling

The quality of your mailing lists stays guaranteed thanks to our automatic soft and hard bounce handling.

Our Koreo mail platform automatically filters "dead" or invalid addresses so you always work with a correct, up to date list.

Safe: SPF & DKIM support

Thanks to a verification procedure of the sender address, linking of your domain name and optional advanced settings such as SPF and DKIM DNS records we enhance the quality of your mailing list and ensure your mails are not treated as spam.


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The prices below are an example, you may send an unlimited amount of emails with Koreo!


500 messages

Send up to 500 messages to an unlimited list of subscribers.


2.500 messages

Send up to 2.500 messages to an unlimited list of subscribers.


10.000 messages

Send up to 10.000 messages to an unlimited list of subscribers.


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